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How NOT to Coach Youth Football – The Worst Youth Football Coaches, How Not to Become One

Youth Football Coaching Horror Stories

Most youth football organizations are started by and operated by volunteers. There are many like those within the Utah Ute football conference in Salt Lake City, where the League and Clubs are alright run, alright organized and where they place a premium on training coaches. On the opposite hand there are other organizations where the leadership is self centered, with many clubs having priorities that make little sense.

One glaring example involves mind. I got a frantic call last week from a teacher in Florida. His club had four teams in it. Two of the teams within the organization didn’t score one touchdown last season. the opposite team had very poor results. On the opposite hand our hero’s team ended up getting to the playoffs, narrowly losing just 3 games for the whole season. His team had just 14 very average players and had to compete against far better teams that had between 25-28 players, The team our friend took over had very similar results to the opposite 3 teams within the club the year before he took over this team. His parents loved him, 8 different kids scored touchdowns, all 14 kids carried the ball a minimum of once, everyone that played for him the previous year signed up to play again this year. you’d think those responsible would be giving this coach a medal and a parade down main street right? If not that then a minimum of find out what he was doing differently than the opposite 3 teams and check out and replicate his success right?

What are These People Thinking?

The head of this organization felt the rationale the organizations teams had fared so poorly was because “they weren’t tough enough”. This persons requirement for next season may be a universal practice plan for all 4 teams that places an enormous premium on “toughening up” the players. Now consistent with our friend the three teams during this club that did so poorly last season, all they did was ‘toughen kids up” during practice. While our friend was working fit and freeze football plays, power hour and birdog drills, the opposite teams were running their kids till they threw up or scrimmaged most of practice.

Mind you the sole team within the organization that had any amount of success was a team that used my system and practice methodology, which places a premium on progression taught perfect fundamentals. As many of you that are using my system know, we do a big amount of form and fit and freeze work during our practices. We are firm believers that youngsters will only play aggressively if they first know exactly what their responsibility is on every play in every circumstance and secondly that they feel 100% confident within the technique they’re alleged to execute thereon snap. สมัครslot online Put them during a scheme like mine where even players of average skill can add value on each snap and even excel and you’ve got a winner. Confidence in role, responsibility and technique puts kids during a position to be potentially aggressive. Add during a method where you ease kids into contact in order that they gain confidence in their techniques and their ability to play physical football and you’ve got yourself a team that plays “tough” and aggressive. Obviously we cover exactly the way to do this step by step within the book.

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