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2013 Fantasy Football Dynasty League Rankings


1. Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Rodgers as of now has 5 periods of 3,900+ yards and 28+ TDs to his name. He’s still just 29 years of age. Regardless of whether Greg Jennings leaves by means of free-organization, the Packers are stacked at WR with Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, and James Jones.

2. Cam Newton, Panthers

Newton appeared to get over his sophomore droop in the second 50% of the period. He was dream’s #1 QB over the last 10 weeks. Dissimilar to other running QBs like Robert Griffin and Michael Vick, the 6’5, 248-pound Newton has demonstrated tough. He’s played in 31 of 32 potential games up until now.

3. Drew Brees, Saints

Brees just recorded his seventh consecutive period of 4,300+ yards. He’s topped 5,000 of every 2 of the last 3. Brees is 34 years of age however is the sort of fellow who could in any case play another 4-5 seasons. HC Sean Payton’s new agreement is phenomenal information.

4. Matt Stafford, Lions

He threw for 4,967 yards and 20 TDs in a “down” year. Stafford’s tenth spot dream finish is his floor over the course of the following decade. The person doesn’t turn 25 until February.

5. Andrew Luck, Colts

He set a NFL new kid on the block record with 4,374 passing yards. What’s more, he did it with a shoddy o-line and unremarkable pass-getting corps. Karma is pretty much as great as promoted.


1. Adrian Peterson, Vikings

He’s falling off the most amazing season by a RB in NFL history. What’s more, AP could be surprisingly better one year from now as he keeps on leaving that ACL injury in the residue. Peterson turns 28 in March. However, after this last season, we wouldn’t rule it out for him to rule a ways into his 30s.

2. LeSean McCoy, Eagles

McCoy battled with wounds and a conflicting supporting cast in 2012. The Eagles are going toward another path subsequent to terminating Andy Reid, yet Shady will stay the point of convergence of the offense. He doesn’t turn 25 until July.

3. Beam Rice, Ravens

4 straight 1,600+ yard seasons. What’s more, Rice will in any case be just 26 years of age for the 2013 mission.

4. C.J. Spiller, Bills

He set profession highs in all cases in 2012 – on the strength of 6.0 yards per convey and 10.7 yards per get. With Chan Gailey gone and Fred Jackson obviously in decrease, Spiller’s responsibility ought to just develop from here. The person is only 25 years of age.

5. Doug Martin, Bucs

Here’s a youthful, balanced RB playing in a run-first offense. คาสิโน กัมพูชา   Martin completed third at his situation in dream focuses in his first NFL crusade. Become accustomed to seeing him up there.


1. Calvin Johnson, Lions

The NFL’s new single-season getting yardage record-holder is still just 27 years of age. He’s a little while ago entering his prime. Johnson ought to be the first pick in fire up administration associations.

2. A.J. Green, Bengals

He gets a slight edge over Julio in light of the fact that he’s been more sturdy and solid from game-to-game. Green has arrived at the midpoint of 1,191 yards and 9 TDs in his initial 2 NFL seasons. Also, the best is on the way.

3. Julio Jones, Falcons

We actually think Jones has more potential gain than individual 2011 draftee A.J. Green. He’s more touchy and is in a superior circumstance (QB, OC).

4. Dez Bryant, Cowboys

The light at last flicked on in the second 50% of 2012. Also, the outcomes were tremendous. Bryant was dream football’s #1 WR over the last two months. He’ll be a normal in the main 5 for the following 5-6 seasons.

5. Demaryius Thomas, Broncos

He’s similarly pretty much as capable as the 3 people straight in front of him on this rundown. The solitary issue for Thomas is sorting out who will hurl him the stone when Manning hangs up the spikes. Yet, it probably won’t make any difference – he was a stud in 2011 even with Tim Tebow under focus.

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