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Football in the Guinness Book

There are a ton of records in all games, some more noteworthy than others, however they are similarly as significant. Allow us to take a gander at a portion of the records enlisted in football, records which are noted in the Guinness Book.

Above all else, you may think that it is fascinating that Arsenal experienced no losses in 49 matches which they played between the seventh of May 2003 and the sixteenth of October 2004, this being the main group which prevailed with regards to accomplishing this exhibition. Then, at that point, the longest line of passes was enrolled in China in 2002, in a contest coordinated by McDonald’s intended for youngsters. This event prompted 500 57 back to back passes in four hours. โน๊ตบุ๊ค สุดแรง

Then, at that point, the most limited exchange time frame applied to a football player is identified with Zinedine Zidane, who moved from Juventus to Real Madrid in 2001, the exchange costing 47 million dollars. Genuine Madrid has won the biggest number of European Cups from 1957 up to the present. They have nine such cups up until this point. To wrap things up, 1,000 200 79 is the biggest number of objectives at any point scored by a football player in his whole profession. This player is Pele, the most mainstream football player in Brazil and surprisingly on the planet.

These are just the absolute most noteworthy world records at any point enrolled in the Guinness Book, there being a great deal of other such occasions which merit everybody’s consideration. These world records can change whenever, however their outcome and their impression will consistently be something similar, as the current records are now amazing enough for anybody to question that they can be broken.

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