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Getting College Football Bowls and Playoffs to Work Together

There are a lot of articles out there from individuals who either disdain or love the BCS. It’s truly difficult to be anyplace in the middle really. I’m in the disdain classification myself. The two sides have admirable statements, however in case there is anything I can’t stand it is deception.

The two sides have attempted to lie about the other and it is sad. For instance, the season finisher people think flow bowl game locales would be wonderful season finisher game destinations. The BCS people figure it could never work. They figure a season finisher would just occur to the detriment of the dishes. They would prefer not to destroy custom.

Well they are for the most part lies. You can have a season finisher and bowl games, and the dishes don’t have to have a season finisher round on the off chance that you don’t need them to. Here’s the way it would work.

Have the season, including gathering titles, wrapped up by the primary few days of December. We make a 16 group season finisher that starts that first few days of December. All meeting champions and five everywhere offers are welcomed. Each of the 16 groups are cultivated 1 – 16.

Play starts in customary season finisher design: 1 versus 16, 2 versus 15, and so on Higher cultivated groups will have the games. Play the initial two rounds during the initial two days of December. By December fourteenth, you will have just four groups left. สูตรบาคาร่าพารวย

By then, start the bowl season as typical. Presently, bowl games go from December sixteenth or something like that until New Year’s Day pretty much. For what reason wouldn’t we be able to in any case do this? Just four groups would be ineligible to play in a bowl game and those are the four groups left in the season finisher.

So let the bowl locales have a good time, let the unremarkable groups play one another and partake in the customary bowl celebrations. At the point when January first moves around, the season finisher resumes.

You could do it similarly as the NCAA b-ball competition. Have the Final Four and title at a similar site, and make it a pivoting site of one of the dishes. So one year the Rose Bowl gets both semi-finals and the last game. One year from now the Cotton Bowl and on we go.

It is simple for bowl games and a season finisher to coincide. This is the answer for get it going.

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