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Herbert H Lehman High Has Never Lost A Home Game

Indeed you effectively read the title, Lehman High School has never lost a home game in football. They have been a secondary school since 1972 and their home game streak has stayed ideal for a very long time.

So how could it be feasible to have an undefeated home game record, is it safeguard, offense or as a result of exceptional groups? In reality nothing from what was just mentioned is the right reply, the motivation behind why is thank to the New York City Board of Education.

At the point when the New York City Board of training financed this new secondary school, they evidently thought nothing about football or couldn’t have cared less. What these 1972 masters did was give the acceptable individuals at Lehman High a 80 yard football field versus the guideline size 100 yard long football field. Did they think realize one would see the 20 yard lack? How odd is that. So from the first day of the season to this Lehman High is the encapsulation of the footballs street champions.

One needs to think about how this all occurred and the appropriate response returns to 1972 when the school was fabricated, the city auctions off all the land encompassing Lehman High and leaving it only 20 yards shy of being a finished football field. Talk about your fourth and long, those children are as yet in it. ยูฟ่าเบทดีไหม

Exacerbating the situation is the Department of Education’s School Construction Authority has $2.8 million saved for another field at Lehman High, yet no development of the field is arranged.

How will they manage this pool of cash? Well they intend to add another scoreboard, new lighting installations and obviously new turf, however just 80 yards of new turf. Doesn’t that reestablish your confidence in government?

Until additional notification Lehman High football crew will proceed with its ways as street heroes and won’t ever have encountered the home field benefit of playing on your own field. Rather they will have new lights and a scoreboard, new turf and keep establishing the standard for going being the group with the ideal no misfortune record at home while staying a destitute group.

To the past individuals from the NYC Board of instruction, what were you thinking, to the current board, what are you going to do to make this issue disappear so the children of Herbert H. Lehman High School can do what each and every secondary school in the country does…….host a home game.

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