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Cleveland Browns’ Offensive Woes Continue

What to think about the Cleveland Browns? Having battled powerfully in 2008, the group looked rather miserable completion off the season.

No more Kellen Winslow. Braylon Edwards, contingent on his disposition, may be totally inadequate. No sparkling expectation at running back, as Jamal Lewis has matured one more year. The safeguard? Nothing extraordinary there all things considered.

There was Brady Quinn, a youthful quarterback with a promising future, and Eric Mangini, who came over as the group’s new lead trainer subsequent to being excused from New York.

After a 34-20 misfortune against the Vikings in week 1, things didn’t look a lot of better for the Browns. Without a doubt, the Vikings are an extreme group with exclusive requirements this season, however following seven days 2 misfortune at Denver, the Browns look almost as sad as they did in 2008. เว็บคาสิโนออนไลน์

The group lost a 27-6 game to the Broncos in Denver. The Broncos had one of the tremendously most noticeably terrible protections in the 2008 season, and they looked totally awesome in week 2 against the Browns.

Was this actually a better than ever Broncos guarded unit, or were the Browns actually that awful on offense?

The Cleveland Browns have just scored one score in their last 33 fourth of football. This detail is tremendously terrible and I can’t recollect one more group that is gone through any sort of a comparative streak. There’s a decent possibility that the Browns will be similarly just about as awful as they were in 2008, and conceivably far more terrible. Mangini or not, this group needs some genuine assistance in 2009.

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