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African Soccer

Congo Brazzaville

Did you know-Surprisingly Congo Brazzaville – a previous French province until 1960-won the African Cup of Nations in the mid 1970s.


Did you know-Ethiopia, one of the area’s most ruined nations, acquired the African Cup of Nations in 1962. Five years prior, it was sprinter up at the African Tournament.


Did you know-In late 1968, Guinea, a previous French settlement in West Africa until 1958, completed 10th in the men’s soccer at the Games of the XIX Olympiad in the United Mexican States. After eleven years, by 1979, this French-talking country, one of the world’s ten most unfortunate countries, qualified for the FIFA Under-20 World Cup in Tokyo (Japan). From that point forward, between July 31 and August 11, 1985, the men’s soccer group set fourth at the FIFA Under-16 World Championship in the People’s Republic of China, behind Nigeria, West Germany, and Brazil.


Did you know-Despite having one of the highest level footballers (George Weah) during the 1990s, Liberia, current Africa’s first dark republic, has never equipped for the FIFA World Cup. GTRBET


Did you know-By April 1999, Mali,one of the most un-created countries on Earth, was viewed as a surprisingly strong contender. That year, this French-talking country came in third in the FIFA Under-20 World Championship in Nigeria, to the detriment of Brazil and Japan. In the semi-finals it beat Cameroon 5-4. Then, at that point, the public crew crushed Nigeria (have country) 3-1. In the following round, the African nation lost to Spain 1-3. In the award bronze game, Mali beat Uruguay 1-0. Following its achievement in 1999, after five years, the men’s crew equipped for the semi-finals of the 2004 Olympic Football Tournament in Athens, Greece.


Did you know-Zaire – the nation currently known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo-won the African Cup of Nations in 1968. From that point onward, between June 13 and July 7, 1974, it contended in the general occasion in Munich (Germany).


Did you know-Zambia, a state situated in southern Africa, won the silver decoration at the 1974 Nations Cup, behind Zaire. After two years, the Zambian fascism, under the administration of Kenneth Kaunda (1964-1991), boycotted the Games to fight New Zealand’s participation. Under this environment, the soccer group couldn’t contend in the 21st Olympic Games in North America. Notwithstanding, this English-talking nation sent a public group to the Summer Games in the Soviet Union in 1980. Accordingly, Zambia, a copper-rich nation, was the main African country which qualified for the semi-finals of the Games of the XXIV Olympiad in Seoul, South Korea.

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